Upcoming Events!

💥Important Announcement💥
Due to the latest uprising in covid cases in Iowa, our Governor has issued several proclamations against meetings of so many people and the requirement of wearing masks.  Churches, however are not held to abide by the same standards set forth.  However, we should be a light to unbelievers and our community in general.  Please show respect for others’ personal space and please stay home if you are not feeling well.  All of our services are available online either through the church website, youtube channel, and on our private facebook page.  We would love to have you fellowship in person, but again, if you are not feeling well or if you know that you have been exposed; please stay home!
If you are attending any of the services in person, it is recommended, but not required that you wear a mask and practice social distancing.  Again, if you want to come and enjoy the service from your car, then please do so.  Tune your radio to 102.1FM in the church parking lot to listen in.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding through this.
November 25- NO Wednesday night service!
November 29 – Regularly Scheduled Sunday Services
December 2 – Mid-Week Prayer Service
December 6 – Regularly Scheduled Sunday Services
December 9 – Mid-Week Prayer Service
December 13 – Regularly Scheduled Sunday Services
– Night of Christmas Music, 6pm
December 16 – Mid-Week Prayer Service
December 19 – Youth Group Christmas Party, 5pm @ Boas’
December 20 – Regularly Scheduled Sunday Services
Dec. 23 – Christmas Candlelight Service (Wed. evening)