Frequently asked questions

Why do you have lunch after the morning service and then lunch and then a second service?
God has been bringing people to us from many directions and various distances. An individual or couple or family can make one trip and attend: Bible study, the first worship service, lunch and then the afternoon service or youth group. This arrangement allows people the opportunity to get to know more people while eating lunch and be done with Sunday church activities by two in the afternoon. People then have time with family and friends as they continue to honor God on the Lord’s Day.
Why is your church so dogmatic about following God’s Word?
We believe that God’s Word is absolute truth from cover to cover. We believe that the Bible is God’s instruction manual to live successfully in God’s eyes and to die victoriously. God’s Word is applicable to marriage, finances, raising children…while bringing glory to God with our thoughts, actions and words.
Why are there so many religions?
The source of our beliefs, our doctrines is the Bible. Some choose to follow the Bible explicitly, some choose to adhere to parts of the Bible and some choose to ignore the Bible: that is the root source of diversity in beliefs or no belief at all.